BR Mk 1 VXX Bullion Van №889301

BR Mk 1 Bullion Van (VXX) №889301 is a converted Brake Corridor Second (BSK) coach.

Originally built by Metro Cammell Ltd. in 1957 as №35021 it became №99201 upon conversion to a SLB Bullion Van and later the SLB TOPS code was changed to be VXX. A further renumbering to №889301 occurred in the late 1980s when the vehicle was allocated to MoD traffic, such as the secure movement of ammunition. At the same time the livery was changed from BR Corporate Blue/Grey to Army Green with oversized Railfreight Distribution sub-sector markings.

In 1965/6 BR decided to convert five (5) Mk1 BSK coaches for the transportation of bullion (in ordinary passenger services and later dedicated trains as well) as a result of a security review after the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

The conversion involved the internal fitting of a high security cage, radio communications equipment and high security glass. Externally, changes included the plating over most of the windows, fitment of heavy duty B5 bogies, corridor gangway connection removal and modifications to the roof such as the addition of two pods and the movement of the ventilators.

Britannia Pacific Models make a ready to run model of this coach type, details are available at Britannia Pacific Mk1 Bullion Van

BR MK1 VXX №889301 at MOD Kineton. Photo: Kevin Stroud

BR MK1 VXX №889301 at MOD Kineton.
Photo: Kevin Stroud

NPCCS Metro-Cammell BR Mk1 SLB / VXX
Built: 1957 Works №: 35021
Builder: Metro Cammell Ltd. Type: Mk1 BSK converted to SLB / VXX Bullion Van
Diagram №: 182 (NW501) Weight: N/A
Length: 64 ft 06 in Lot №: 30229
№ of Seats: N/A Load Capacity: N/A
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: N/A Date Preserved: 2008
Arrived at NLR: 2008 Current Status: Operational