The Membership Secretary & CIO Trustees are aware that emails sent from are going into the recipient’s spam/junk mail folders. Please add this email address or the domain into your email software as an allowed sender.

As previously advised the delays to the processing of membership applications and renewals due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus pandemic and associated isolations & shielding continue.

The Membership Secretary and Trustees thank all members for their patience and understanding at this time.

To help with membership applications and renewals, scanned electronic copies (or very clear photographs) of the completed & signed application form can be emailed to the Membership Secretary and the applicable membership subscription fee be paid via a BACS transfer.

Postal application & renewals with a cheque payment are being accepted as a system is in place to deal with the post to Pitsford & Brampton station.

The membership application/renewal form can be downloaded from, the webpage also has a contact form to request the BACS transfer details.

There is also an option for the use of a standing order to pay the membership subscription too – please get in touch if you want to use this method of payment.

If you would like to make a donation online, the direct links to the various projects can be found on Golden Giving as shown below: