BR Mk1 BCK Coach W21187

BR Mk1 Brake Composite Corridor (BCK) Coach W21187 was built in 1958 by Charles Roberts & Co. of Horbury Junction, Wakefield (also known as Chas Roberts & Co.) as part of Lot 30424.

The lot was ordered by BR in October 1956 with the final vehicle (Coach W21194) being delivered in January 1959.
Other builders of this specific design of BCK were BR Derby and Metropolitan-Cammell (Metro-Cammell).

The seating compartments contain four seats per side, which were installed in the second design of BCKs built for BR, to increase the number of seats per coach.

When built W21187 was fitted with BR1 bogies, but these were changed to the later B4 bogie during British Rail service. The coach currently sits on BR1 Bogies.

W21187 was initially delivered to the Western Region of BR and remained in service until 1982, with final withdrawal occurring in February 1983. Preservation by the GW Steam Loco Group at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway followed until 1989, when a move to the Gwilli Railway occurred. In November 2011 W21187 was moved to the Northampton & Lamport Railway.

Coach W21187 at the Gwilli Railway in November 2010. Photo: Dewi Jones

Coach W21187 at the Gwilli Railway in November 2010.
Photo: Dewi Jones

Coach Charles Roberts & Co. BR Mk1 BCK
Built: 1958 Works №: W21187
Builder: Charles Roberts & Co, Wakefield Type: Mk1 BCK
Diagram №: 172 (AB302) Weight: 34 ton
Length: 63 ft 5 in over headstocks Lot №: 30424
№ of Seats: 12 First Class & 24 Second Class Load Capacity: 1 ton
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: February 1983 Date Preserved: 1983
Arrived at NLR: November 2011 Current Status: Under Restoration