BR Mk2 BSOT 9102

9102 is a BR Mk 2 Brake Micro-Buffet Trolley (BSOT) coach which was built at Derby Works in April 1966, as a Brake Second Open (BSO) with 31 seats & numbered M9383, with an initial allocation to the Midland region.

In May 1974 a reallocation to the Eastern Region occurred with the coach becoming E9383.
A second reallocation to the Scottish Region occurred in July 1976 when the coach became SC9383.

During BR service in September 1986, the coach was converted to be a BSOT, with 27 seats (later reduced to 23 seats), by removing one seating bay and installing a counter and trolley space. The adjacent toilet was also removed and replaced by a steward’s wash area and store at the same time.

The conversion to be a BSOT included a  renumbering to SC9102.
By 1989 the coach was additionally fitted with a public address transmitter.

A short period of withdrawal before reinstatement to mainline service occurred between November 1990 and February 1991

SC9102’s final allocation was with the Scottish region / ScotRail (South West) at Polmadie CSMD and a final withdrawal from mainline service occurred in May 1991.

The coach is an example of the first type of BR Mk2 coach to be built (also known as BR MK2z) and is fitted with B4 bogies.

After arrival at the Northampton & Lamport Railway a modification has been undertaken to enable the brake compartment end to be used as a Motorman’s driving position. The modification enables the line to operate services without the need to “top & tail” the coaches with two locomotives or “run round” at the end of the line.
A second modification has seen the former guards compartment converted into a passenger compartment for wheelchair users and companions to use.

BR Mk2 BSOT 9102 at Pitsford & Brampton station. Photo: Byron Chamberlain

BR Mk2 BSOT 9102 at Pitsford & Brampton station.
Photo: Byron Chamberlain

Coach BR BR Mk2 BSOT
Built: April 1966
Converted 1986
Works №: 9383
Builder: BR Derby Type: Mk2 BSOT
Diagram №: 185, AE2Z (AE203)
converted to AH2Z
(AH04, later AH03)
Weight: 32 ton
Length: 64 ft 6 in Lot №: 30757
№ of Seats: 23 Second Class Load Capacity: 2 ton
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: May 1991 Date Preserved: 31st May 1991
Arrived at NLR: 31st May 1991 Current Status: Operational