BR Mk2 TSO 5174

5174 is a BR Mk2 Tourist Second Open (TSO) coach which was built at Derby Works in January 1966, with an initial allocation to the Midland region numbered as M5174.

The coach is an example of the first type of BR Mk2 coach to be built (also known as BR MK2z) and is fitted with B4 bogies and a passenger door in the centre of the bodyside, which later versions did not have.

In March 1975 the coach was reallocated to the Eastern Region and in the same month a secont reallocation to the Scottish Region occurred. Once allocated to the Scottish to coach became SC5174.

By 1989 the coach was fitted with public address equipment and allocated to the Scottish region / ScotRail (North Scotland) at Inverness TMD.

As part of the privatisation process the coach became an asset of Eversholt Train Leasing prior to storage and later withdrawal in August 1995.

BR Mk2 TSO 5174 at Pitsford & Brampton station. Photo: Dan Adkins

BR Mk2 TSO 5174 at Pitsford & Brampton station.
Photo: Dan Adkins

Coach BR BR Mk2 TSO
Built: January 1966 Works №: 5174
Builder: BR Derby Type: Mk2 TSO
Diagram №: 88, AC2Z (AC205) Weight: 32 ton
Length: 64 ft 6 in Lot №: 30751
№ of Seats: 64 Second Class Load Capacity: N/A
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: August 1995 Date Preserved: 2005 at The Battlefield Line Railway
Arrived at NLR: February 2008 Current Status: Under Restoration