№21 Fowler 0-4-0 Diesel Hydraulic shunter

This locomotive is mechanically very similar to №146C “Bunty” having been rebuilt with hydraulic transmission by Fowler in 1966. The engine was replaced by a Leyland Albion unit similar to those used in buses and some DMUs.

Following industrial use for British Steel at Hartlepool, this machine spent 27 years of its life on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. During its last five years of its NYMR stay, it had fallen into disuse. The engine suffered frost damage and the sourcing of new cylinder liners proved difficult so a replacement engine has been found.

The replacement engine, although many years old, has been well maintained and has a low number of running hours, as it was used as a fire pump in a block of flats.

Soon after arrival, №21 is seen in Pitsford Yard.

Soon after arrival, №21 is seen in Pitsford Yard.

Shunter Fowler 0-4-0
Class: N/A Works №: 4210094
Built: 1955 & rebuilt in 1966 Builder: Fowler of Leeds
BR №: N/A Driving Wheel Diameter: N/A
Engine: Leyland Albion Transmission: Hydraulic
Weight: N/A Maximum Design Speed: N/A
Brake Force: Loco Brake only Maximum Tractive Effort: N/A
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: 1972 Date Preserved: June 1972
Arrived at NLR: 1999 Current Status: Awaiting Restoration