№764 0-4-0 DM “Sir Gyles Isham”

№764, a 0-4-0 Ruston & Hornsby 165DS class diesel locomotive, one of a class of 124.

Built in March 1953, the loco was used by the Admiralty RNAD at Bedenham, Bridgemary, near Portsmouth.

It is thought that №764 was originally used on munitions trains as it carried an exhaust spark arrester which has been removed.

№764 was moved to Rail & Track Supplies of Wolverton in December 1975 and arrived at the Northampton & Lamport Railway in November 1983, the first locomotive on the railway, after donation by Rail & Track Supplies Ltd.

Sir Gyles Isham at Pitsford & Brampton Station sidings

Sir Gyles Isham at Pitsford & Brampton Station sidings

165DS Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0
Class: 165DS Works №: 319286
Built: 1953 Builder: Ruston & Hornsby
BR №: N/A Driving Wheel Diameter: 3 ft 2½ in
Engine: Ruston 6VPHL Six cylinder oil engine Transmission: 4 Speed mechanical to jack shaft
Weight: 28 ton Maximum Design Speed: < 20 mph
Brake Force: Loco Brake only Maximum Tractive Effort: 14,200 lbf in 1st Gear
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: 1983 Date Preserved: 1983
Arrived at NLR: November 1983 Current Status: Operational