Type 2 Class 31 № 31289 (D5821) “Phoenix”

31289 in the loop at Pitsford and Brampton – Photo: Gordon Titmuss

31289 was built in 1961 by Brush Engineering, Loughborough, as part of an order generated by the modernisation plan of 1955. Originally built with a Mirrlees JVS12T 1,250 bhp (930 kW) engine, it was re-engined by BR with an English Electric 12SVT engine, capable of producing 1470 bhp (1,100 kW), and speeds of up to 90 mph.

The locomotive was first allocated to Gateshead and moved to several depots before being withdrawn from service at Tinsley and stored at Bescot near Birmingham. Final withdrawal occurred in March 1992 at Bescot Depot.

The class was originally intended for service on the Eastern Region but gradually became common in both the Western and London Midland regions too.

Type 2 Brush A1A-A1A
Class: 31/1 Works №: BT322
Built: 1961 Builder: Brush
BR №: D5821 then 31289 Driving Wheel Diameter: Driven: 3 ft 7 in
Idle: 3 ft 3½ in
Engine: English Electric 12-cylinder 12SVT of 1,470 bhp. Transmission: Electric. Four Brush TM73-68 traction motors, single reduction gear drive.
Weight: 107 ton Maximum Design Speed: 60 mph (90 mph other sub classes)
Brake Force: 49 LTf Maximum Tractive Effort: 42,800 lbf
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: March 1992 Date Preserved: November 1998
Arrived at NLR: 10th November 1998 Current Status: Operational