ODA Open Wagon № 113008

ODA Open Wagon № 113008, was converted from a SOV wagon № B741878 in 1983 by BR at its Shildon works as part of lot № 4030.

BR found a need for an air-braked pipe wagon for MOD traffic flows due to tight curves at some locations which prevented the use of the newer air-braked vans such as the VAA/VBA/VCA/VDA vans used on the ABN, later the Speedlink network.

To meet the need BR decided to upgrade the running gear (to UIC double link suspension) and air brake some SOV pipe wagons. A new TOPS code of ODA was issued and the first lot of 50 converted wagons were to be numbered № 466000-466049 (The steel carrying series). This number series was changed to be № 113000-113049 to reflect a more general use. This latter number range followed on from the previous air-braked open wagons (OCAs № 112000-112399).

As a reduction of MOD traffic for the ODAs occurred through upgrading or closure of sites, the ODA wagons entered into BR Departmental service. ODA № 113008 was recoded & renumbered as ZDA № KDC113008 and repainted into the Red & Yellow Satlink livery of the Signal & Telegraph Engineers. Some of the ZDA wagons later gained air brake through pipes and were further recoded to be ZDW wagons.

A profile and history of the ODA open wagon and the SOV wagon can be found at www.ltsv.com

ODA ex SOV open wagon № 113008 at Pitsford & Brampton Station sidings. Photo: Dan Adkins

ODA ex SOV open wagon № 113008 at Pitsford & Brampton Station sidings.
Photo: Dan Adkins

Wagon BR ODA
ex 5 Plank SOV
Open wagon
Built: 1961 at BR Wolverton Works & converted in 1983 at BR Shildon Works Works №: N/A
Diagram №: 1/462 (as built) Lot №: 3335 (as built)
4030 (As converted)
Length: 25 ft 07 in over buffers
12 ft 0 in wheelbase
Weight: 8.8 tonne
Type: 5 plank open wagon ex SOV
Load Capacity: 12 ton
Made Redundant / Withdrawn: N/A Date Preserved: N/A
Arrived at NLR: 5th May 2004 Current Status: Operational