Peckett 2130 arriving at N-LR. Photo: Adam Giles

Unfortunately, we had to make the decision to delay the start of the 2018 season due to ongoing maintenance of our passenger loco. This is the last thing we want to do but please understand this is to make sure that various jobs are completed. We always aim to try and complete our maintenance during our close season. However, we are heavily affected by the weather and the number of volunteers available during this period and both have had an impact on the completion of jobs.

We are therefore aiming our first running weekend to be the Easter weekend, 31st March – 2nd April, for our annual Easter Egg Specials. The planned running dates 4th, 11th (Mothering Sunday), 18th and 25th March will only have static displays of our rolling stock and locos.

If the status changes we’ll make further announcements and update this web page.

Work tasks being carried out:

  • 47205 – Reconditioning of brakes etc. – expected to take 6 weeks or so
  • 2130 –  Preliminary boiler tests have been successful. Next up is a full steam test, crew familiarisation on this new to the N-LR loco class and running in of the loco. We hope this will be done in time for the Easter weekend.
  • 5132 – reconditioning of vacuum brake system under the coach – COMPLETED after a sterling effort by the Engineering Services team – Thanks guys, you know who you are!
  • Shed Project – As of 18 Feb 2018 only 4 roof trusses and 8 wood beams require installation in a joint team effort by the Engineering Services & Infrastructure teams – Thanks guys. Fund raising for the cladding materials is ongoing
  • Sleeper changes – 12 sleepers changed on 17 Feb 2018, with another 36 to go using the new kit obtained to help the Infrastructure team.
  • Inspection, servicing & repairs to the signalling system – ongoing, Pitsford & Brampton locking frame deep clean, relubrication & locking test completed
  • Other privately owned locos are being worked on by their owners

Note the N-LR does not directly own any locomotives and relies on the availability of the privately owned locomotives.

N-LR apologise for any inconvenience caused.