We have been listening to feedback from our visitors and one thing that became apparent last Winter is that our car parking conditions had deteriorated to a level that was no longer acceptable. We have therefore taken the decision to invest more in our parking facilities to improve our visitor experience.

Accordingly, we are now in the process of providing surfacing over the actual parking areas, so that customers no longer have to park on a muddy grass strip and can avoid potentially getting their cars stuck. The photos show the initial works in progress and the first section to be completed and rolled. We will be continuing with these works over the next couple of months to improve our parking in advance of the winter.

Once this is completed, we will also look into whether we need to do any further works on the access roadways, although we have already done some initial works to fill in potholes on the way in and remove some of the puddles that we had to contend with last winter.

We have a small diesel roller, but we may also be making use of our Alchin steam roller for some of these works, so if you visit us on a Sunday you may find something extra going on around the station.

Once completed, this should result in less mud being spread around the place, no one getting stuck and more time to enjoy your visit!