The Northampton & Lamport Railway’s version of Team Orange has started the preparation works on Bridge 11 project, which forms a key item on the Extension South to Boughton Crossing.

Since the end of March 2019 steps have been built at both ends of Bridge 11 to allow a temporary footpath & bridge to the west of Bridge 11. This is at the request of the council to keep the Brampton Valley Way open to pedestrians whilst Bridge 11 has its waterproofing replaced.

With the steps completed work has turned to the temporary bridge over the water course.
Once complete the initial preparation works at Bridge 11 will be complete. The main work to strip back the existing material down to the top of the arch brick work and drainage levels will commence at the end of May 2019, with the major work concentrated on week commencing 03 Jun 2019.

Please note once the major phase of the works start the Brampton Valley Way will be diverted for pedestrians and closed for other users such as cyclists. Signs have been posted around the site and the works are expected to take around 6 weeks.

The following schematic plan images show parts of the engineering plans which detail the new concrete deck and waterproofing that the works will install on Bridge 11. This will ensure the future use of the bridge for Brampton Valley Way users and the railway.

Some estimated figures for the project are:

Bridge excavation:
Excavate out – 355m3 (comprising 96m3 spent ballast and 259m3 sand/gravel infill)
Re-use 30m3 spent ballast under Boughton No2 siding extension – balance of 66m3 for backfill on footpath side of bridge).
Re-use 143m3 sand/gravel behind section of platform wall south of signal pole – balance of 116m3 will need stockpiling somewhere for use behind future sections of platform when built.

Bridge re-instatement:
Concrete approx. 70m3 for engineering of deck etc (may be some extra concrete lost in flushing out the pump lines)
Used ballast above drainage layer on footpath side – 67m3

New Ballast Requirements:

  • for drainage layer over concrete on footpath side – 33m3
  • for part infill over piers on footpath side – 20m3
  • for drainage layer and infill on railway side to top of formation before track – 166.5m3
  • Total bridge fill ballast volume 219.5m3 which is about 372 tonnes (1.7 tonne per m3 approx.)
  • for track infill to complete track work 78tonnes
  • Total new ballast required – 450 tonnes

Funds for the work have been raised by the Railway and there is a need to raise £18000 in match funding to ensure the grant funding conditions are met. You can donate to the works via

If you want to help out with the project or any role at the railway please take a look at and join up as a volunteer working member or to show your support by becoming a member of the railway.

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