The Volunteer Working Members of the Northampton & Lamport Railway are currently refurbishing the 7 arch under-bridge known as Bridge 11.

Major works started on the 3rd of June 2019 and means the Brampton Valley Way is currently diverted for pedestrian use only onto a temporary route alongside Bridge 11. The Brampton Valley Way will be closed to other users during the works; Plant and machinery and delivery vehicles will be using the section of Brampton Valley Way from the A5199 near to the Windhover Public House, north to Bridge 11.

The temporary pedestrian only diversion is expected to last until mid July 2019 or until the works are completed.

The works involve removing the existing railway track, fencing and then digging down to the tops of the arches as the original pitch/tar waterproofing has worn out after approximately 140 years of use.

Once digging has finished a concrete layer will be poured to waterproof the structure and to allow some brick work repairs to be carried out later. Once done the railway track bed and Brampton Valley Way will be reinstated & the track and fencing put back too.

The work involves excavating 355m3 of fill material (comprising 96m3 spent ballast and 259m3 sand/gravel infill). All of this material will be re-used elsewhere on the southern extension, meaning no material will be taken off site (helping to reduce our carbon footprint).

The new concrete slab requires approximately 70m3 of concrete delivered by a large pump

Once the work is finished we will need to bring in 450 tonnes of new ballast to complete the job and reinstate the railway and footpath.

For further details and updates please view our Boughton Extension page here:

Funds for the work have been raised by the Railway and there is a need to raise £18000 in match funding to ensure the grant funding conditions are met. Please DONATE via our Golden Giving fundraising page here:

If you want to help out with the project or any role at the railway please take a look at and join up as a volunteer working member or to show your support by becoming a member of the railway.

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