Despite the additional challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic projects at the NLR continues to make progress, with all necessary controls in place.

During May 2020 the next phase of the Bridge 11 refurbishment (Phase 2a) was undertaken by Aidan Cardew & team of Northants Mobile Sandblasting Ltd. The photos below show the works have produced a high quality finish to the 140 year old cattle creep / jack arch metal work at the northern end of Bridge 11.

Planning for Phase 2b is ongoing; about 200 holes are to be drilled, stainless steel rods installed & grout pumped into the brick work to repair the water damage that has occurred over 140 years.
Phase 1 was undertaken in June & July 2019 which saw a new waterproofing layer of concrete installed on the top of the arch brickwork under the track ballast.

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Visit our Extension South page for more information on the works being undertaken by the wider project to extend the NLR from Bridge 11 to Boughton Crossing.

Further Bridge 11 refurbishment photos can be found in our Bridge 11 Refurbishment Facebook album.
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