Maps of the Line

Several versions of railway company maps of the Northampton to Market Harborough route are thought to exist. Two versions of maps have been photographed and are presented on the linked web pages. To select a particular set of map images, click on the relevant composite image.

1870-1880s LNWR map set from Northampton to Bridge 12, just south of Pitsford & Brampton Station.

LNWR Map of N-LR south of Pitsford & Brampton Photos: Peter Narramore. Composite Image: David Millard.

1951 British Rail (London Midland Region) map set: Northampton to Milepost 10

1951 British Rail Map from Northampton to Milepost 10 on the Northampton to Market Harborough line. Photos & Composite image: David Millard

If you have a similar map set of the Northampton to Market Harborough line, please get in touch via The NLR is particularly interested in locating the Milepost 10 to Market Harborough maps from 1951.