The Northampton & Lamport Railway CIO (N-LR CIO) and Northampton Steam Railway Limited (NSRL) jointly confirm the arrival of Mark 3b Driving Van Trailer (DVT) 82114 on the 15th of May 2020 as part of a joint project to develop the Northampton & Lamport Railway (N-LR).

The DVT has been purchased by N-LR CIO as part of the ongoing project to increase the number of vehicles for passenger services as well as improving the variety of vehicle types, operational resilience and quality of stock. The funding utilises a legacy donation in memory of Alfred Staden.

The project aims to create a rake of air braked coaches whilst increasing the educational opportunities by preserving Mark 3 vehicles as a way of telling the story of British Rail’s in house coach development alongside the N-LR’s existing Mark 1 & 2 coaches.

The N-LR acknowledges the assistance and opportunities Porterbook have provided to progress the project.
DVT 82114 is to remain in its current Greater Anglia livery, but will be fitted with a generator to provide electrical supplies to the other vehicles in the rake, thus allowing non-ETH/ETS fitted locomotives to haul the rake throughout the year.

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