We are very sad to report that over the last couple of weeks the NLR has suffered at least 2 incidents of theft of B4 bogie parts (for those who don’t know, ‘bogies’ are the 4-wheeled trucks that run under our passenger coaches).

The theft includes primary suspension parts, such as: slotted links, friction pads springs, etc. coupled with brake beams, hangers, brake blocks and secondary suspension parts.

The parts were taken from our operational spare bogie sets, which are essential to keep our carriages running if a fault develops.

We are still assessing the extent of the loses and extra security has been put in place.

Due to the amount of work involved in removing these parts, and a need for a car or van to remove them, we believe they are being stolen to order.

Any information, including such items being offered for sale or appearing at another heritage railway with no history attached, would greatly assist us in our search for the culprits. Please email webteam@nlr.org.uk if you can provide any information.

The NLR is run purely by our wonderful volunteers who give their spare time to help preserve our railway heritage. Events like this (unfortunately this is not the first targeted theft we’ve ever suffered) are extremely disheartening, undermine what we have worked hard to achieve and can cause a major setback in our progress, especially in what is already such an extremely challenging year.

If you wish to help, you can either:

➡️Donate securely online to our ‘Covid-19 Impact Appeal’ via our dedicated Golden Giving page at: https://www.goldengiving.com/…/northampton-and-lamport-rail…

➡️Send a cheque payable to ‘Northampton and Lamport Railway CIO’ to Pitsford and Brampton Station, Pitsford Road, Chapel Brampton, Northampton, NN6 8BA

For other ideas on how you can help the Railway (including becoming a Member or volunteering), please visit our website here: https://www.nlr.org.uk/help-the-railway/

Thank you