On Monday the 29th of June 2020 the Northampton & Lamport Railway submitted its official feedback on the latest set of plans for Northamptonshire County Council’s North West Relief Road planning application 19/00045/CCDFUL.

The scheme will see a roundabout constructed at Boughton crossing.

A general arrangement plan of the proposed roundabout at Boughton Crossing as of June 2020

The latest feedback follows on from the 2019 submission and continues to advise the planners of the concerns and requirements of the railway.

The planning application documents can be located at bottom of the web page at https://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/environment-and-planning/planning/planning-applications/current-planning-applications/Pages/19-00045-ccdful-north-west-relief-road.aspx

Members of the railway are invited to submit their own comments & observations as individual members of the public.