The second round of public consultation for the Northampton Northern Orbital Route has been published on the Northamptonshire County Council Highways website.

The links to the 2017 consultation documentation are

Northampton Northern Orbital Route (this crosses the railway):

Northampton North-West Relief Road:

The latter of these schemes ends at the opposite side of the road bridge near to Boughton Crossing.

The latest proposals have incorporated feedback from the 2016 consultations, which included an official Northampton & Lamport Railway feedback document.

The proposed over bridge crossing point is between Pitsford Sidings signal box and Bridge 11.

A team has been setup to create a new official Northampton & Lamport Railway feedback document, but members or the public can submit their own observations, comments & suggestions on a personal basis.

The last update on this ongoing behind the scenes activity can be found at Northampton Northern Orbital Route Proposal and Consultation, posted on this website on 14 January 2016.

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