The Northampton & Lamport Railway (N&LR) has been identified as a key stakeholder, by Northamptonshire Highways during the initial route scoping for a northern orbital road for Northampton. Other key stakeholders notified are the local parish and district councils.

The N&LR, along with the Brampton Valley Way (BVW) will be crossed by an over bridge in the Pitsford Sidings area.

There are several route options proposed which have been shown to key stakeholders already. These route options are the first pass and are “lines drawn on a map” only and are likely to change based on stakeholder feedback leading to the selection of a preferred route recommendation.

The official N&LR feedback has been submitted as part of the consultation process, after a small team was formed to assess the route options with regards to the crossing of the N&LR & BVW.

All members are free to submit their own feedback on an individual & personal basis, during the upcoming public consultation sessions and feedback gathering period, with runs until early April 2016.

The latest maps of the proposals, details of the public exhibitions, a questionnaire and options to provide feedback can be found at Northamptonshire Highways Northern Orbital Route webpage.


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