On the 17th December, we saw our Pitsford and Brampton Station Signalbox catch fire. Thanks due to the quick actions of 3 of our volunteers’ damage to the box are not as severe as expected. The cause is known; as it has been proven that radiated heat from the stove passed into
the wooden structure and ignited the pitch pine inside the cavity space.

The fire occurred during our Santa Specials and after a short delay, we were able to continue with the day’s service. The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue arrived and quickly help save the signalbox from destruction.

Due to the damage caused by the fire, water and smoke the signal box was taken out of service and an alternative method of safe train working put in place; pending the completion of inspections and repairs. A repair plan was quickly put into place and after a couple of days of inspections, rewiring, testing, replacing light fittings the basic functions of the signal box (including the signalling system) were restored on the 24th of December 2017.

Further repairs, cleaning and inspections are required during the closed season. The scope of works includes woodwork replacement, deep cleansing and; repainting by insurance appointed contractors and a full servicing of the locking frame by the Infrastructure Team, amongst other things.

One issue highlighted during the initial repair program is the number of items stored in the locking room. A number of items have been water damaged beyond repair. In the future please do not use the locking room as a storage area.

Northampton & Lamport Railway would like to thank the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue team for all the help and support they have provided during and since the incident.

If you would like to contribute to the repairs or get hands-on please get in touch.

Images courtesy of Daniel Brookbank.

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