Boughton Extension: Transport and Works Act Order

Northampton Steam Railway Ltd has submitted an application to the Department for Transport (DfT) for an Order under sections 1 and 5 of the Transport and Works Act 1992 to allow passenger trains to operate over its recently constructed half-mile southern extension to a new station at Boughton.

The Company currently operates the Northampton and Lamport Railway (“the Railway”), under the authority of the Northampton and Lamport Light Railway Order 1995 (“the 1995 Order”). The Railway is a heritage railway staffed by volunteers, currently running over about 1.5 miles of track.

The Order would extend the Company’s operations and maintenance powers over a recently constructed southern extension of the Railway approximately 750m (i.e. from just north of Bridge 11 southwards as far as a new station at Boughton). The extended operation over this new southern section would increase existing journey times on the Railway, generally adding to the enjoyment and attractiveness of the Railway as a tourist destination.

The physical works associated with the southern extension have already been undertaken, permitted by separate planning permissions granted by the relevant local planning authorities.

In accordance with Rule 10 of the Application Rules, and by virtue of the Waiver direction granted by DfT in July 2023, the application documents have been submitted electronically to the DfT. They can also be downloaded here, below.

Key proposals

The Order contains provisions which would modify the 1995 Order as follows:

  • an amendment to the description of the Railway which the Company is authorised to operate and maintain in the 1995 Order to include the southern extension, thereby extending the operation and maintenance powers which the Company exercises over the Railway currently described in the 1995 Order to that new section; and
  • an amendment to require the construction of a level crossing on the extended section of the Railway so that Public Footpath CC4 can cross the Railway. The Company has already constructed the required level crossing, under the planning permissions.

How to submit your views

Any objections to, or other representations about, the proposals in the application should be sent to the Secretary of State for Transport, c/o Transport Infrastructure Planning Unit, Department for Transport, 1st Floor Great Minister House, 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR (email: on or before 29 September 2023.

An objection or representation MUST (i) be received by the Secretary of State on or before 29 September 2023, (ii) be made in writing (whether sent by post or e-mail), (iii) state the grounds of the objection or representation, (iv) indicate who is making the objection or representation, and (v) give an address to which correspondence relating to the objection or representation may be sent. (If you are sending your objection or other representation by e-mail, please provide a postal address).

The Secretary of State may make complete copies of any objections or other representations public, including any personal information contained in them, and will copy them to the Company as the applicant for the Order.

Copies of the application documents can be viewed and downloaded free of charge below. If you would like to see a hardcopy of the application documents, these can be made available (to view, but not take away and keep). To request sight of a hardcopy, please email us at

A copy of the Order application, and of all other documents submitted with it, may also be obtained (in hard copy or electronic form) from BDB Pitmans LLP, One Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7BL (For the attention of: Pam Thompson; Telephone: 020 7783 3437; E-mail: ) from 15 August 2023 to 29 September 2023. A charge may be payable.

Full information on the extension (including progress to date), can be found here: